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Life Coaching and Personal Meditation Therapy


Ask yourself, “What are the biggest challenges in my life right now?” And, "What do I want?”


Write those down as bullets. Those are the key marks we'll focus on in your first coaching phone call.


It’s a natural flow of conversation, like a dance, where we figure things out together.


Clients report that they are finding Life Coaching and Personal Meditation Therapy from more effective than traditional life coaching or talk therapy for the following reasons:


After each talking and listening session, we customize a personalized meditation that allows you to catch how you mind is working. This allows you to make corrections to remove obstacles and reach you goals faster.


Guidance is rooted in ancient wisdom from Buddhist and Yoga philosophy. You get the deeper answers for how to remove obstacles and increase happiness in your personal and professional life.


Our coaches offer a unique coaching experience and are able to listen at a deeper level due to having completed a three-year meditation retreat with the aim of helping others.


As a nonprofit, offers coaching and personal meditation therapy at substantially below market rates, which is easier on your wallet.



What People are Saying


"With regards to foundational happiness and understanding of the world, I've made more progress in weeks working with James Connor than a year and a half of psychotherapy. The coaching approach has which combines practical wisdom with customized meditation assignments creates rapid results. The transformations are quick and lasting when you get the real stuff." - Software Executive, NYC


“I had been going through a really rough time—feeling isolated, stressed, worried and frustrated with life. In two phone conversations, James Connor managed to help me to face my demons, and to use the Dharma to tackle them. He asks insightful questions, pauses to allow thinking and processing time, and helps me face life with compassion and commitment to ending my suffering. I now feel soft, loving, and genuinely happy. His phone coaching sessions have been indispensable to me.”  - School Teacher, CA


“Kristin is a superb listener and can quickly identify what is really going on with someone. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who really cares about your happiness and goes beyond conventional advice.” - Writer, NYC


“After going through a divorce, getting laid off, and coming close to homelessness, I was stuck in hopelessness. I sent out many resumes but couldn't even get an interview, despite having a strong set of skills and great work experience.  James did some deep listening, and uncovered for me some very self-limiting stories I wasn't even aware of.  He gave me meditation exercises that cut right to the heart of what I needed to do to free my potential and have it flower.  A matter of weeks after we began to work together, things started to move in my life—interviews, job offers, debt forgiveness, and needed information began to flow in.


James brought outrageous depth, sensitivity and sophistication to bear on my situation.  There was nothing cookie-cutter or formulaic about his suggestions.  They connected with me deeply and with immediacy.  Unlike mass-market self-help ideas, they astonished me—I could never have come up with them on my own, even though I consider myself fairly intelligent about such things. James' touch is subtle and sure.


Working with James helped me jettison beliefs that were no longer serving me and get in touch with what I really want, cleanly and clearly.  He showed me new, fresh ways to look at problems and goals that subtly shifted my orientation and allowed me to move forward out of stuckness. He restored hope in me and put me back in touch with the possibility of a joyful life."  - Marketing Executive, MA


”The goal is reached by those who act with

intense dedication and urgency.”


-- Master Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras, V. I.21 --

*SPECIAL OFFER: August and September Coaching Services are available via donation with all proceeds going to the development of You can donate whatever amount you choose per session.





About our Coaches


James Connor


James Connor applies spiritual wisdom to all facets of life whether he’s wearing a tie or wearing Yoga clothes. Simply, if wisdom is true, it applies in all situations. He cares deeply about people and has an exceptional ability to help people overcome obstacles to find more happiness.


In addition to teaching philosophy and meditation, James worked for 12 years as the CEO of The James Group, a full-service brand-strategy agency in New York City. During that time, he advised over 200 business owners, both nationally and internationally, on strategies needed to grow—often working at a personal level to help people overcome fears and doubts. He is the author of The Perfection of Marketing, a business book that applies a key Buddhist principle of Exchanging Self and Others to marketing. He sold his business in 2009 in order to enter and complete a three-year meditation retreat.


James understands the value of good advice based on authentic wisdom and deep personal experience. He wants people to feel supported in achieving their goals.


Talk with James about how to:

  • Deepen your personal meditation practice.
  • Overcome personal obstacles including depression.
  • Increase happiness and meaning in your life.
  • Executive coaching.
  • Improve personal relationships.
  • Handle major life transitions.
  • Increase fulfillment through your work.


Kristin Walsh


Kristin spent over three years in deep retreat investigating the nature of mind and its patterns. Now she’s focused on actually helping people in a direct way with the wisdom that she gained.


For almost a decade prior to retreat, Kristin worked by day as the senior art director for the national non-profit Teach For America. There, she managed and coached designers to inspire creativity and fresh thinking, and to keep motivation high and relationships positive. By night, she practiced and taught martial arts, yoga, and meditation. Because of her desire to help others, Kristin is a natural coach and teacher.


Kristin’s life has been dedicated to identifying things that don’t produce happiness and replacing them with things that do, based on tried-and-true, ancient wisdom. Now, her greatest wish is to help others to do the same. What’s gained in one-on-one coaching sessions won’t be band-aid advice, but wisdom and tools for life.


Talk with Kristin about how to:

  • Break out of bad habits and develop healthy routines.
  • Improve your romantic relationship and/or other personal relationships.
  • Achieve a particular goal; Make a dream come true.
  • Simplify your life.
  • Overcome depression; Increase happiness and meaning in your life.
  • Overcome low self-esteem and negative self-images.
  • Start or deepen your personal meditation practice.
  • Overcome personal obstacles.
  • Increase fulfillment through your work.



Three Weeks:

Get Focused



Identify your personal goals and obstacles.


Receive guidance on how to achieve those goals and remove obstacles based on authentic wisdom.


Change patterns and behaviors.


Receive personalized meditation guidance.


One hour sessions, one per week, for three weeks.


Automatically become a community member if you aren’t already.

Note: Our teachers are always available to answer personal questions free of charge at any live teaching or meditation retreat.

Month by Month:

Commit to Ongoing Change

$300 / month


Commit to a process of thoroughly integrating new beliefs and behaviors based on spiritual wisdom into your daily life.


Rely on ongoing support and inspiration through difficult challenges and to reach goals.


One hour sessions, one per week, for four weeks.


Includes email support in between sessions.


Renew or cancel by the month.

Single Coaching Session:

Invite Change



One hour session to answer questions about your meditation practice, personal goals, and obstacles.


Automatically become a community member if you aren’t already.


About is a nonprofit offering meditation and life-changing wisdom

from tried-and-true, authentic scriptural sources in the Mahayana Buddhist and Yoga lineages. The co-founders recently completed a three-year meditation retreat after a combined twenty years of detailed study.


We help people of all backgrounds and faiths develop a daily meditation practice and clear personal obstacles to increase happiness.


Our approach relies on meditations and practices central to Mahayana Buddhism (The Greater Way) and Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. While wisdom and love belong to no particular tradition, the art of meditation has been best articulated and preserved within these traditions.


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