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Three Weeks: Get Focused

  • $225.00

  • Quantity:
  • Identify your personal goals and obstacles.
  • Receive guidance on how to achieve those goals and remove obstacles based on authentic wisdom.
  • Change patterns and behaviors.
  • Receive personalized meditation guidance.
  • 50-minute sessions, one per week, for three weeks.
  • Automatically become a community member if you aren’t already.

About is a nonprofit offering meditation and life-changing wisdom

from tried-and-true, authentic scriptural sources in the Mahayana Buddhist and Yoga lineages. The co-founders recently completed a three-year meditation retreat after a combined twenty years of detailed study.


We help people of all backgrounds and faiths develop a daily meditation practice and clear personal obstacles to increase happiness.


Our approach relies on meditations and practices central to Mahayana Buddhism (The Greater Way) and Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. While wisdom and love belong to no particular tradition, the art of meditation has been best articulated and preserved within these traditions.


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