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We need your help.

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We need your help to preserve and promote detailed meditation techniques from Mahayana Buddhism (The Greater Way) and The Yoga Sutra to increase happiness in the world.


The teachings are so broad and so deep that we have already outlined seven years of programs.


Help us to get these ideas into modern culture to benefit anyone who is interested. There are many ways you can get involved to support this mission.



  • Join the Social Media Team

    Do you have skills with Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, or YouTube? Perhaps you’re searching for more meaningful content to share?


    Devote an hour or two a week to sharing the 21-day Meditation Challenge, an insightful article on meditation, a live program, or personal development meditation. Anyone can participate.


    You can also join the Social Media Team more directly. We’ll provide materials and links for sharing and you can help us with developing social media campaigns.

  • Become an Event Organizer

    We’re looking for event organizers to help us bring live teaching programs to Yoga studios and community centers both nationally and internationally. Coordinate an event locally or support an existing team.

  • Create a Fundraising Event

    Create your own fundraiser that can help draw attention to. You can teach Yoga classes or workshops, sell your products and services, or have a dinner party. You can then donate some portion to’s mission for whatever length of time you choose. Be creative. Everyone can support in some way as well as bring more attention to your unique set of skills.


  • Experienced Fundraiser Needed is new to the non-profit world and can benefit from guidance from someone experienced with fundraising and grants.

Donors of $100 or more automatically become Community Members and enjoy special access to meditations and teachings developed for Community Members.

Our goal is to create a sustainable, low-overhead non-profit that reaches a large group of people around the world. hopes to find a sustainable non-profit model through a combination of free, donor-supported programs as well as paid programs and services.


Gifts of all sizes have real and lasting impact in supporting’s mission to share authentic meditation techniques from authentic sources. Approximately half the income to cover the cost of running must come from the generosity of donors.


Donations to are tax-deductible as is federally recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.


About is a nonprofit offering meditation and life-changing wisdom

from tried-and-true, authentic scriptural sources in the Mahayana Buddhist and Yoga lineages. The co-founders recently completed a three-year meditation retreat after a combined twenty years of detailed study.


We help people of all backgrounds and faiths develop a daily meditation practice and clear personal obstacles to increase happiness.


Our approach relies on meditations and practices central to Mahayana Buddhism (The Greater Way) and Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. While wisdom and love belong to no particular tradition, the art of meditation has been best articulated and preserved within these traditions.


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