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Can one debate change the spiritual trajectory of an entire culture? And if so, wouldn’t you want to know what that debate was about?


Modern culture has shown itself susceptible to several strange ideas about meditation. Some say meditation means clearing your mind of thoughts to think about nothing. Others say enlightenment comes instantly without the need to train in a gradual path. History is repeating: those same voices echoed in the Himalayas when the meditation arts first entered Tibet over a thousand years ago.


Amidst confusion and division over how to practice properly, the Tibetan King called for a grand debate. The losing position would no longer be permitted to be taught in Tibet and all students would have to convert to the prevailing view—high stakes indeed.


In one corner stood Hwashong, a monk who claimed to teach a path of instant enlightenment that did not require thinking or a gradual path of practice. In the other corner stood Master Kamalashila, a great meditator who traveled over the Himalayas from India to settle the debate.


Feeling confident, Hwashong argued that clearing the mind to think of nothing was the path to enlightenment and that enlightenment could come instantly.If you were the King, who would you say won the debate?


Master Kamalashila responded that if that were the case, than anyone who had gotten drunk and passed out would have reached enlightenment. Further, to even attempt to think about nothing would be thinking about something—as you’d have to keep checking your mind to make sure it wasn’t holding anything.


Master Kamalashila then explained that the wisdom of analysis was the only door to reach pure wisdom. He explained that to experience ultimate purity, practitioners had to learn not only how to still their mind, but how to analyze the true nature of reality with single-pointed precision. Without analysis, no yogi could ever abide in a state free of conceptualization or achieve enlightenment.


If you were the King, who would you say won the debate?


Starting September 27th, 2014, invites you to participate in a global movement to rediscover meditation techniques from authentic scriptural sources in the Mahayana Buddhist and Yoga traditions. You’re invited to participate in’s free 21-Day Meditation Challenge that will introduce sincere spiritual seekers to a world of meditations beyond focusing on the breath.


But this is just the beginning.’s mission is to train and support people in developing a daily meditation practice based on authentic sources. The non-profit will be rolling out a variety of meditation resources, including guided meditations and technical instruction throughout the year. invites you to join this meditation community at and experience for yourself the transformative power of authentic meditation and meditation that goes beyond the breath.












Written by James Connor on September 4, 2014


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Our approach relies on meditations and practices central to Mahayana Buddhism (The Greater Way) and Master Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. While wisdom and love belong to no particular tradition, the art of meditation has been best articulated and preserved within these traditions.


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