How to Not Lose Your Mind in a Time of Political Strife

Sundays • September 16, 23, and 30, 2018
6:30-8:30 PM
Middle Way LA
6512 Arizona Ave,
Playa Vista, CA

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These classes share three different Buddhist approaches to avoid falling into madness while creating a better world.

1. The monastic approach for how to let go and back away from what’s causing pain.

2. The bodhisattva approach for how to engage with compassion and wisdom to create a better world for everyone.

3. The yogi’s approach for how to transform suffering and find the natural nirvana within everything.

In Buddhism, there isn’t one way to navigate the world. Buddhism is like a bike with different gears. When the mental afflictions get really tough, you need to learn how to shift gears, quickly, to find what brings you peace.

You can use these same techniques to deal with any turmoil in your life. The current climate of political strife just makes now a crucial time to slay mental afflictions.

Classes are by donation.

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