Yes, even in the fourth century, people thought that they should meditate… but totally didn’t feel like it.


To overcome laziness—that feeling of not wanting to meditate or put in any effort—you need to develop a real conviction in the benefits of meditation.

So listen to, watch, and go to classes. Read articles, scriptures, and inspiring books. 

You’ll strike a blow to laziness when you really believe that meditation—a concerted effort to cultivate your mind and heart—is one of the most important activities you can do for yourself and the people in your life.

Once you have conviction, you’ll develop an aspiration to meditate well, and that will lead to making the effort instead of being lazy. The end result of putting in the effort will be attainment of some fluency with meditation. That fluency will put an end to laziness, because meditation will be better than taking a bubble bath.

So, bottom line: to make yourself want to meditate, expose your mind to things that make you want to meditate. Over and over. To devote a bit of your precious time to something every day, you need to believe that it will pay off.

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