James Connor

Photo of James Connor

James Connor applies spiritual wisdom to all facets of life whether he’s wearing a tie or wearing Yoga clothes. Simply, if wisdom is true, it applies in all situations. He cares deeply about people and has an exceptional ability to help people overcome obstacles to find more happiness.

In addition to teaching philosophy and meditation, James worked for 12 years as the CEO of The James Group, a full-service brand-strategy agency in New York City. During that time, he advised over 200 business owners, both nationally and internationally, on strategies needed to grow—often working at a personal level to help people overcome fears and doubts. He is the author of The Perfection of Marketing, a business book that applies a key Buddhist principle of Exchanging Self and Others to marketing. He sold his business in 2009 in order to enter and complete a three-year meditation retreat.

James understands the value of good advice based on authentic wisdom and deep personal experience. He wants people to feel supported in achieving their goals.

Kristin Walsh

Photo of Kristin Walsh

Kristin is a deep listener committed to helping others overcome their personal obstacles. She uses insights gained over 15 years of study and practice to skillfully guide people to close the gap between what they want in their clearest moments, and what they actually do.

Kristin recently completed a three-year deep retreat investigating the nature of mind and its patterns. Now she’s focused on helping people in a direct way with the wisdom that she gained.

Prior to completing her deep retreat, Kristin studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation while working as an art director in New York City. There, she put what she was studying and contemplating to the test in her busy professional life. 

Now based in Los Angeles, Kristin's finishing a soon-to-be-released comedic novel about one woman's quest to keep her ego from controlling her body and mind.

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