30 Things Working with a Life Coach Can Do for You

by James Connor
May 28, 2019

Are you the person you want to be? Many of us want to lead more fulfilling lives but feel trapped by habitual patterns. Breaking out of the cement boots of our daily routine can feel impossible until we commit to making bold, new strides.

Working with a life coach can be a transformative experience. A life coach helps you dig in to clear obstacles, quickly learn new life skills, and gain a higher level of happiness.

A life coach’s entire purpose is to help you get better at life. It’s a wonderful thing to have a skilled coach in your corner, empowering you to shatter obstacles and advising you on the fastest methods to improve the quality of your life.

The following are all coaching topics that a life coach at GoBeyond.org has dealt with in recent years.

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30 Things Working with a Life Coach Can Do for You

1. Get out of a rut. To get out of a rut, you have to admit that the status quo isn’t good enough. Discussing with a life coach what you need to change is a powerful first step toward transformation.

2. Define your goals and clarify reasonable steps to achieve them. Every journey starts with a wish. The clearer you become about what you want to achieve, the easier it is to achieve it.

3. Overcome fears that are holding you back. Fear is an obstacle to success and happiness. A life coach can help you defeat paralyzing fears and manage reasonable concerns.

4. Boost your confidence. You have more good qualities than you even realize. Everyone can use a cheerleader in their corner from time to time.

5. Identify and shatter limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are your own worst enemy. A life coach shows you why you never have to settle for being stuck in a small box.

6. Learn new skills from a coach with area expertise. Much of what we learn in life comes from someone teaching us new skills. Working with a live life coach (instead of just from a book) allows a lifetime of achieved knowledge to be poured into you at a pace that works for you.

7. Save you precious time. Sure, you could figure out something on your own, but someone with experience and knowledge can show you the shortcuts. Knowing your goals, a life coach can help you prioritize what to give up and what to take up—and that saves you precious time.

8. Defeat bad habits. We all have bad habits that hold us back from who we want to become. A life coach can help you give up those thorny bad habits.

9. Avoid distractions. So much of your success and happiness in life will be determined by what you say “No” to. A life coach helps you keep your eye on your goals and not be pulled off by meaningless distractions and drama.

10. Hold you accountable for what you commit to do to improve your life. To-do lists get supercharged when you have to report back to a life coach each week about what you’ve done to move closer toward your goals. A life coach knows: what gets measured gets done.

11. Increase happiness. Most of the time, it’s not what we’re doing but how we’re doing it that determines our happiness. A great life coach has mastered the life hacks that contribute to happiness.

12. Help you sleep. A busy, restless mind that keeps you from sleeping is becoming a horrendous problem in our always-connected world. A great life coach can teach you how to set up your mind for restful, peaceful sleep.

13. Reduce stress. Stress robs you of the mental clarity you need to make intelligent decisions. A life coach can teach you techniques to dramatically reduce stress.

14. Manage anger No one wants to be around an angry person. It’s unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. A life coach can help you with techniques that keep anger from damaging personal and professional relationships.

15. Break free of past traumas. Traumas from your past don’t have to color your present. If your mind is being negatively pushed around by past events, a life coach can help you break free.

16. Overcome addictions. As long as you think there is happiness in an addicting substance, you won’t be able to give it up. A great life coach knows techniques to help you break the cycle of addiction.

17. Improve health and wellness. Good health is a great wealth. A life coach can help you create and stay on your dietary and fitness plan to improve your health and well-being.

18. Improve romantic relationships. Finding a partner, keeping a partner, and being happy with the partner you have is one of the most fulfilling life skills. A life coach can help you improve your romantic life.

19. Improve family dynamics. When there’s conflict in your family, and particularly inside your home, it’s hard to feel happy. A life coach knows techniques to empower you to be the light that increases happiness for everyone in your family.

20. Improve professional relationships and navigate workplace dynamics. Work is much more rewarding without personal sandbox issues and backstabbing competition. A life coach can share the techniques to turn adversaries into allies and make teamwork enjoyable.

21. Get a new job or change careers. On average a person will hold 12 different jobs in their lifetime and change careers 6 times. A life coach can help you reposition your work history and work skills to gain new employment opportunities.

22. Improve communication skills. People can’t hear what you say if you don’t say it in a way that works for them. A life coach can show you how to start from the desired emotional end state and speak from a place of agreement to improve connection and communication.

23. Start a business. A life coach who has successfully launched businesses themselves—beyond just life coaching—can be a great mentor when you’re starting a business. Having successful people  guiding you improves your chances of success.

24. Grow a business. Some life coaches have marketing expertise. A life coach with this kind of expertise can prove essential to helping you grow your business.

25. Manage a business more effectively. A life coach with real-life experience heading a business, creating business processes, and managing people can dramatically improve your business management skills. Better management gives you back more life.

26. Find a work/life balance. When you own a business, the business often ends up owning you. A similar thing happens when you become a key person within a company—you get locked to the business. A life coach can share techniques to protect you from being burned out and give you more time outside of work to enjoy life.

27. Improve financial stability. To have peace of mind, you have to break the cycle of spending more than you earn. A life coach can support you in creating a realistic budget, reducing unnecessary spending, paying off debt, and planning ways to increase income and save for the future.

28. Make a life transition. Letting go of one way of being and moving on to another is hard for anyone. A life coach can help you move on to your next adventure without regrets or heartache.

29. Lead a more meaningful life. What is the meaning of your life? A great life coach can help you identify your true purpose and make the most of this wonderful life.

30. Become a mentor or life coach to others. Once you get good at life, you may want to share the secrets that you’ve learned—either as an example for others, as a mentor, or as a coach.  An experienced life coach can help you understand the deeper responsibilities and techniques of being a skilled coach and guide.

NOTE: Not every life coach works in all these areas. Some life coaches specialize in particular areas. These are all coaching topics that a life coach at GoBeyond.org has dealt with in recent years.

Here’s GoBeyond.org's unique take on life coaching services.

Working with a life coach from GoBeyond.org is different from other coaching experiences in four major ways.

1. GoBeyond.org works by donation. You decide the value of each coaching session. There’s no risk for you. After you hear the advice and test it in your life, you decide if the guidance was worth making a donation or not. You can donate whatever feels comfortable to you.

2. GoBeyond.org offers proven, time-tested techniques. All the methods a life coach at GoBeyond.org wield come from 2,500 years of yogic and Buddhist wisdom—methods that wisdom teachers have used for centuries to improve the quality of people’s lives. Simply, these coaching techniques aren’t some fad. They survived and were passed down because they’re proven to increase happiness.

3. You can rely on coaches with deeper insights. The life coaches at GoBeyond.org are among the few people on the planet to have spent over a 1,000 days in deep retreat, meditating. Away from the world, they examined in detail how the human mind works. Their long retreat came after professional success and over a decade of detailed, monastic-level study with teachers in the lineage of the Dalai Lamas.

Due to their professional success, training, and extensive meditative experience, a life coach from GoBeyond.org has the ability to pinpoint precisely what a person needs to focus on to clear obstacles and increase happiness.

4. GoBeyond.org shows you how your mind works. After each coaching session, your life coach crafts a personal meditation for you to explore. Coaching clients report that combining traditional talk coaching with a weekly, personal problem-solving meditation dramatically accelerates personal progress.

A life coaching experience with GoBeyond.org is an opportunity to ask your most pressing life questions and receive answers that unlock whole new possibilities to empower your life. Better still, you can do it with the ease of a phone call and without climbing a mountain.

Discover more about what people are saying about life coaching services from GoBeyond.org.

James Connor is a life coach at GoBeyond.org, where he uses Buddhist methods to help people solve life problems.

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