GoBeyond.org offers a unique life coaching experience by combining the power of traditional coaching with the insight of custom designed meditations.
This custom approach empowers you to unlock exactly how your mind works so that you can quickly clear your obstacles and increase your happiness.
The process starts with talk sessions (typically 55 minutes) in which your life coach listens closely to what challenges you’re facing. You don’t have to prepare for a session, our life coaches are very good at pulling out what is causing you the most difficulty in your life.
After each talk session, your life coach will design a custom meditation for you based on tried-and-true, authentic problem-solving techniques.
An already established meditation practice is not required—we can help you with that, even if it means starting with ten minutes of meditation per day.
People report that they find Buddhist Life Coaching and Personal Meditation Therapy from GoBeyond.org more effective than traditional life coaching or talk therapy alone, for the following reasons:


After each talking and listening session, we customize a personalized meditation for the week that allows you to catch how your mind is working. This allows you to make corrections to remove obstacles and reach you goals faster.


Guidance is rooted in ancient wisdom from Buddhist and Yogic texts that has been proven effective over centuries. You get the deeper answers for how to remove obstacles and increase happiness in your personal and professional life.


Our coaches offer a unique coaching experience as they are able to listen at a deep level due to having completed a three-year meditation retreat with the aim of helping others.


As a nonprofit dedicated to benefitting others, GoBeyond.org offers coaching and personal meditation therapy by donation, which is easier on your wallet.

What people are saying

"The meditation techniques I’ve learned from coaching with GoBeyond.org are life-changing. I’ve overcome problems with insomnia that used to wake me up 20 times a night. I’ve also eliminated the desire to smoke weed. In two short months, I feel happier than I’ve been in 35 years. You won’t believe how effective the combination of coaching and personally designed meditations is until you try it for yourself. You have to do the meditations. You have to do the work, but the personal meditations have helped me figure out how my minds works. Now I’m building new ways of approaching the world and better ways of dealing with challenges that make everyone, including myself, happier." - Real Estate Executive, Canada

"With regards to foundational happiness and understanding of the world, I've made more progress in weeks than a year and a half of psychotherapy. The coaching approach GoBeyond.org has which combines practical wisdom with customized meditation assignments creates rapid results. The transformations are quick and lasting when you get the real stuff." - Software Executive, NYC

“Kristin is a superb listener and can quickly identify what is really going on with someone. It’s so refreshing to talk to someone who really cares about your happiness and goes beyond conventional advice.” - Writer, NYC

“I had been going through a really rough time—feeling isolated, stressed, worried and frustrated with life. In two phone conversations, James managed to help me to face my demons, and to use the Dharma to tackle them. He asks insightful questions, pauses to allow thinking and processing time, and helps me face life with compassion and commitment to ending my suffering. I now feel soft, loving, and genuinely happy. His phone coaching sessions have been indispensable to me.”  - School Teacher, CA

“Unlike mass-market self-help ideas, [the ideas I learned in coaching] astonished me—I could never have come up with them on my own, even though I consider myself fairly intelligent about such things... A matter of weeks after we began to work together, things started to move in my life—interviews, job offers, debt forgiveness, and needed information began to flow in." - Marketing Executive, MA


James Connor

Photo of James Connor

James Connor has significant experience applying spiritual wisdom to all facets of life. Simply, if wisdom is true, it applies in all situations. He cares deeply about people and has an exceptional ability to help people overcome obstacles to find more happiness.

In addition to teaching meditation and authentic techniques to increase happiness, James worked for 12 years as the CEO of a full-service brand strategy agency in New York City. During that time, he advised over 200 business owners, both nationally and internationally, on strategies needed to grow—often working at a personal level to help people overcome fears and doubts. He is the author of The Perfection of Marketing, a business book that applies a key Buddhist principle of Exchanging Self and Others to marketing. He sold his business in 2009 to enter and complete a three-year meditation retreat.

After retreat, James fulfilled a dream of becoming an award-winning fiction author by writing The Superyogi Scenario.

James wants people to feel supported in achieving their goals. He’s an excellent guide in helping people unlock how their mind works.

Talk with James about how to:

• Clear obstacles that are blocking you from becoming who you want to be.

• Increase happiness and meaning in your life.

• Improve personal relationships.

• Increase fulfillment and meaning in your work.

• Become a better executive leader.

• Handle major life transitions.

• Start meditating or apply advanced meditation techniques to your existing practice.


Kristin Walsh

Photo of Kristin Walsh

Kristin is a deep listener committed to helping others overcome their personal obstacles. She uses insights gained over 15 years of study and practice to skillfully guide people to close the gap between what they want in their clearest moments, and what they actually do.

Kristin recently completed a three-year deep retreat investigating the nature of mind and its patterns. Now she’s focused on helping people in a direct way with the wisdom that she gained.

Prior to completing her deep retreat, Kristin studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation while working as an art director in New York City. There, she put what she was studying and contemplating to the test in her busy professional life. 

Now based in Los Angeles, Kristin's finishing a soon-to-be-released comedic novel about one woman's quest to stop being pushed around by the voice in her head.

Talk with Kristin about how to:

• Break bad habits, including addiction.

• Weather a break-up or other challenging life event.

• Improve your romantic relationship, and / or other personal relationships.

• Overcome depression or anxiety; Increase happiness and meaning in your life.

• Increase self-esteem and positive self-images.

• Start or deepen a personal meditation practice.

• Identify and overcome the deeper personal obstacles that hold you back from happiness and being who you want to be.



GoBeyond.org's mission is to increase happiness by using tried-and-true, authentic meditation techniques. That's why GoBeyond.org offers Buddhist life coaching and creates personal meditations by donation. Coaching by donation is open to all people who sincerely wish to improve their lives. 

As increased clarity and happiness is the measure of a coaching session from GoBeyond.org, you decide the value of a session.

Some people give a little, others a lot. You decide what feels right and comfortable to you. Time permitting, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Sessions are typically an hour and done by phone. Based on our conversation and your progress, your coach will write out a meditation for you to work on during the week, and you’ll report back on your insights at the next session.

How much do people usually donate?

Last year the typical donation range was $75 – 180 per session, with the weighted average being around $100.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of sessions?

Unlike standard coaching—sold upfront in packages with a set number of sessions—coaching at GoBeyond.org requires no upfront commitment or set number of sessions. We work on an as-needed basis.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Donations for a session above $125, considered fair-market value, are tax deductible as GoBeyond.org is a federally recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. For example, people donating $145 are eligible to deduct $20 as a charitable donation.

Coaching by donation in 4 easy steps:

Email James or Kristin to let us know you’re interested in individual coaching.
We’ll find a time that works for your schedule.
Experience a GoBeyond.org coaching call. You don’t have to prepare. We’ll help you identify your most pressing issues on the first call.
Make a donation based on your resources and the value of the session for you.
Want personal guidance on challenges in your life or your meditation practice? See what people are saying about Buddhist Life Coaching by donation from GoBeyond.org.
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